A Thank You To Our Artisans

Without the incredible support of our crafters, many of our donations would not be possible. Thank you to our lovely team for donating your time, expertise, and most importantly, your wool! By diversifying our donors, we are able to contribute a multitude of products with different designs and colours. This ensures our donations are well received and will be put to good use helping those in need. 

Artisans, your continued support and creativity means the world to us and more importantly, the people who receive your amazing products. Keep up the amazing work and we can't wait to continue to make a difference!

We would like to thank Traci G, Alice M, Deborah G, Madison G, Maria R, Bruce V, Indra M, Savita M and Stephanie S for helping us start and grow our organisation. Keep crafting and spreading the word!


Sunflower Spirit Team